Hi conan exlise admin

Hi conan exlise admin When I try to log in to a server with my own account, it gives me a connection refused error, but when I log in with my friends’ account, I log in to the server easily, but even my friends can’t play with my account, and it gives me a connection refused error. What’s wrong with my account? I spent my account. Thank you for helping me to solve my problem

I have the same problem :weary:

I think you got suspended. Can you play on single player?

Report here:

ooo i find it its ban suspended Report here:
[Zendesk ]

no oh shit im suspended what should I do? pls help me:)

Where do you live? There is a possibility that you have been banned because of your location. For this reason they decided to suspend my account last Thursday.

bro my friends is not suspend

Nothing. Just wait it out usually.

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