High Population warning pop up on server screen

I play on an official American PvE server and I get this message after this patch on Wednesday.
On a heavy night we get 6 players tops.
Just wondering what this is and why it shows up for my server.

Yeah I saw it on my main official server, too, which also isn’t what I’d consider very high traffic - peaks out around 15 - 20 players tops around initial PvP hours but normally has more like 5. Haven’t seen the warning since the patch first came out though.

Yeah probably a bug. I got it on our server too when it was completely empty. Logged into it regardless, checked online players regardless to see who was online… it was still, completely empty :stuck_out_tongue:

Best we get on our server is like just under 20 people on Weekends. Weekdays peek is like 5-6 people online. Normal numbers are at like 0 to 2 players.

Hard to think this isnt just a minor bug. lol

I just logged in my server today and no message so maybe it’s fixed.

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Probably a bug

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