Server List Info: Server Population always "Low" / Unique Players During the Last Week always "0"

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Information
Server type: All
Region: All
Mods?: All

Bug Description: I searched for “server population” in bug reports and it came up with nothing, apologies if I criminally missed another relevant post somewhere but I can’t see any.

Issue: in the server list, the “Server Population” is always “Low” these days for every server, whether it has 0 or 64 people on it regularly. Also, related, the “Unique players during the last week” is always 0, regardless of whether there’s been 0 or 50 people on the server during the last week.

I remember these issues started when the Server List was overhauled to prep for the failed Epic Games store launch. It is also the time when server populations started plummeting. My little server had just gone from 10 slots to 20 to cater for the increased traffic we were getting and then all the server issues started. Most were fixed, but these 2 issues remain, and I’m pretty sure they’re what killed that server off. I know I always used to use this info to determine whether or not I wanted to check a server out. I was generally looking for servers that had a mid population, or if low, at least some evidence that some people had been logging on over the week. Is there a fix coming for this? It would really help getting some servers populated again and working out which are dead and which are plugging along quietly to help make those joining choices less tedious.

As an example, check out the info for this server that currently has 64 people on it. Low pop and zero players last weeK?

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