Holiday Contest Winners!

I really wanted to try and recreate this classic scene from Monty Pythons Life of Brian. As many forum members would already know I am quite the Monty Python fan. However I sadly lack the creative flair for such designs. Furthermore, it probably would not have counted as a Christmas movie.


I have misplaced picture… (I redid ps4 500gb HD for 2TB one) So I think I lost my screen caps.

I did grandma got run over by reindeer. (which is a Song, that got made a cartoon)

Sadly… Ps4 doesnt allow Camera zoom in and outs, and combat lock on zooms in above head… so it was near impossible to get it right. Not mention CE runs abit slow on Ps4, and Screen Cap button isnt as response on this game at times…

Sadly, I havnt seen cartoon in years… I dont think they actually show her getting run over.
And judging by everyones winning entries, they went for match on match point.
I instead made a Conan Exiles loooking town, made old character, and got my some beat down by a Elk pretending to be reindeer.
Town took abit of building, (i cheesed several of houses, (which had no back walls) But most of ones in screen-cap were full built, and had chairs and fireplaces and such inside.(incase you saw in window. XD)

I wasnt very happy with my choice honestly… after 45+ screencaps. I just kinda settled on "meh"est one of bunch…(best of the bunch…which was still meh)

I also tried to build top of building of Diehard, but helicopter + structure limits really broke that idea.

Other, which someone also had same idea was to use color blocks and make minecraft style picture of Conan and Santa on mountain… (they did south park)

My other choice was X-mas train… but trying to make wheel look right with box cars on top drove me insane. Judging by entry shown above, We had same idea…but yours looks 1000% better then what I had going, LOL

We don’t have camels on ps4, which shot down idea of 3 kings…


How’d you find blue and silver candles
That would just have matched the hair on Grandma’s wig?


Hope you discover the missing snapshot in your Sent Items stocking.

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That’s also my favorite part! Lol serendipity

Yeah I guess the gif doesn’t embed well. I built the house by myself and placed most of the torches. The tedious part was actually turning them all off for the establishing shot (shout out to the healing glitch or we would have died from heat stroke, lmao)

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Very good work guys :slight_smile: Congrats to the winners. :slight_smile:

New users cannot upload images apparently. So not only did I not win, but funcom wont even let me share in the forums… RIP

if you use this button </> in the answer window you can post links as a new user

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