Holiday Contest Winners!

And with that, the holidays have ended. We hope everyone had an amazing New Years as well! We got some pretty impressive and creative entries to this year’s Holiday Contest. We will contact the winners listed here about their prize. Here are the winners!

Grand Prize Winner

The Addams Family
A super creative recreation of the opening scene to the Addam’s Family movie! They even replaced the text with names of their characters from their private server, Hyboria.

Original Scene:

9 Runner Ups

Christmas Cottage

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

South Park

Morozko (also known as Mrazik)

Original Scene:

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


A Christmas Carol (2009)

Polar Express

Polar Express

Bad Santa

If you don’t see yours up there, feel free to reply to this thread with your screenshots! If you do see yours, feel free to speak up and let everyone know. Everyone did an amazing job. Thanks for participating!


Incredible work as always everyone, the Addams Family one definitely deserved the win though


I am glad that this contest did well and recieved a lot of entries. There is some amazing creativity on display here. Great job peoples! :evergreen_tree:


I won a thing? If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be more surprised!

I was the Christmas Vacation gif, big shout out to the other Christmas Vacation person, I think your house is amazing!


Congrats to the Winners! :+1:

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Some very amazing work , Congratulations to all the winners. I can see that everyone has some serious creativity and brought some serious competition. Bravo!


Really nice entries ! I’m glad that this contest was a thing ! Congrats to everyone who participates !


Awesome Job to all of you! Nicole suggested to post the rest of the picture that were submitted … we have monthly themed build contests on my server and love when we can coincide with funcom!


All are beautiful however any mod server entrys shouldn’t be included since its an advantage :roll_eyes: just my 2 cents

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Honestly, few of these just make me feel so bad for my ps4… never really stand a chance.

Congrats to all winners.

The time it took to place all those candles…


Us console players are the red headed step children in the Conan world we get no love :frowning:

I love the glass window mods PC players get.

Im sitting here making a xmas trees from sandstone lol

I thought mods were not allowed but DLC was?
Was it changed?

I checked the original contests post: No Mods allowed as Funcom wanted to make the contest fair to all.

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The video of the winner does not play AND the link won’t load. Maybe some still shots on why it won?


I’m Zhou from Hyboria. Thank you very much to Funcom and for your comments !! :slight_smile:
And congrats to everyone for these entries ! :slight_smile:

I uploaded the video on Youtube because the existing one doesn’t work well, but I can’t post a link here… :frowning:
You can search for “the hyboria family” on Youtube and you’ll find it.


Congratulations to all winners. These are really great entries.
My favorite is “Bad Santa”. I simply had to laugh because of the funny reenactment of the scene. Using “Asura’s Glory” as the christmas tree is awesome. I love it :smiley:


This one, I believe.

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That lovely Christmas tree brought a tiny little fleck of dust into the corner of my eye and I had to dab at it. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. Such a beautiful setting and you included my contest painting. :heart: Thank you for all the feels!

May I also add, congratulations to every winner. I laughed out loud at the Bad Santa send-up, and the South Park piece inspired me to watch the Holiday Special. It’s Howdy Ho-liday-tastic!


Fantastic, Bravo to all.

Mine (Christmas Vacation gif) is on PS4, official PVE server 3512! With help from a clanmate who shot me with an explosive arrow on cue :smile:

Have hope, consolers!


You placed all that with a controller :interrobang: Right on!!

What cracks me up is the very subtle turn the sleigh driver makes. Perfect timing with the “banging the power switch.” Great job. Honestly I missed your contribution before because it didn’t look like it was clickable on the device I was using.

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