Conan Exiles Holiday Contest ⛄ (NOW CLOSED)

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Ahh, December. The time for giving, maybe decorating a dying tree with shiny things and leaving it up until March, lighting candles and setting your enemy’s house on fire for warmth on a cold day, and siting upon King Conan’s knee telling him what you want.

Besides those traditions, what better way to celebrate than watching your favorite Christmas/Holiday movies? Yes, Nightmare Before Christmas counts. IT’S A CHRISTMAS MOVIE DAMMIT.

We want you to recreate a scene, a building, person, iconic item, whatever from your favorite holiday movie. You could build the town of Whoville, make a character resemble Scrooge in his dark cold mansion, a screenshot of Tim Allen killing Santa, or so on! The judges (community managers) will judge based on creativity and how well it compares to the movie.

The contest will run from today until 2020-01-01T04:59:00Z. No more entries will be accepted after this date. The winners will be announced on 2020-01-07T18:00:00Z.


1 Grand Prize Winner

Year 2 Season Pass AND all previous DLCs ($90.00 cash value)
Paid 6 months time of a/your private server

9 Runner Ups

One choice of DLC (season pass does not qualify)($10 cash value)


  • Must be a movie set during the holiday season or have a scene in which it is present. Elf, A Christmas Story, Jack Frost, Home Alone, and such may come to mind. But don’t forget about Die Hard, Edward Scissorhands, and Gremlins too! It can also be a movie not well known or well received or even one from a different country.

  • You can send them in any format. Screenshots, videos, gifs, are allowed. You could take screenshots and put them in comic form to act out a scene from your chosen movie. Or do it instead through a video. Or send pictures of your recreated building. These are just some examples.

  • Entries must be emailed to us here: Entries not submitted via this email will not be counted.

  • To make sure your email is for the contest, please be sure this is your subject line: Conan Exiles Holiday Contest

  • In the body of your email please mention the titles of the movie your scene is from as well as describe or share which scene. Also tell us if you did it on PS4, Xbox, or PC.

  • NO MODS ALLOWED. We want to make it fair for everyone.

  • You can use Ansel on PC to take screenshots.

  • You can use DLC pieces.

  • You can absolutely use admin powers if you’re doing this on singleplayer/private server.

  • Only one entry per person. We do not accept multiple entries.

  • Please refrain from sending pictures taken from mobile phone.

  • No photoshop or edits outside of the game. (resizing, cropping, ad adding text is fine. It’s more about filters and adding non-game imagery I’m concerned with)

We understand that the process can be easier on PC so here is some help on how to do it for console.


  1. Press the Share button on your PS4 controller for at least one second.

  2. This will open up the share menu. Here, press the triangle button to save the screenshot. If you want to discard the screenshot, press the circle button on the PlayStation 4 controller.

  3. Once you have your screenshot(s) captured, navigate over to the Capture Gallery, and find the Conan Exiles folder. Press the Option button on the PS4 controller and select Copy to USB Storage Device.

  4. Select the screenshots you want to transfer and copy them over. Once copied over you can easily attach them to an email on your computer.


  1. While playing a game double tap the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. Or if you’re one of the rare few with Kinect plugged into your Xbox One, you can say “Xbox, take a screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.

  2. After saving the screenshot. Press the Xbox button to suspend the game.

  3. Go to the Upload app on your Xbox One and choose the screenshot you want to share from Manage Captures.

  4. Press the Menu button and choose Share .

  5. You can upload it to OneDrive, then email them from OneDrive. Or just download them to your computer from OneDrive, then email them to us.

If you need clarification on anything please don’t hesitate to ask either in this thread or in a DM to us.


Ohhh, a challenge for the holidays! What a pleasant surprise! :santa:

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“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs.” :scurries down the ventilation duct:

Die Hard is our family holiday movie tradition. :100:

Mine is finished just need some friends to hop on so I can play out the scene. It was very hard picking which movie to do. There are so many great ones.

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My immediate thought was how I’m going to recreate this scene.


Sees post with 1hour posted ago.

Sqqueeeeee!!! I finally saw contest thread at the start! WoooooooT

beats catching it with week or few days left. XD (people really dont read/see pin topics sometimes… or maybe just me)

rocking double ear infection and just going thru movies and drawing blanks. With no christmas theme items or hats… man this is a tough one.
Thou I did come up with idea.

Can it be a Song? Cause… it was made as a mini tv x-mas special cartoon.

If your thinking…how in sam monkey hell is she gonna make a song a screen shot…


Cause its only idea i got @Spynosaur_Nicole

Do you need us to also send a screenshot or a link to a clip of the scene we’re recreating, or just describe it?

On the off chance the judge hasn’t seen the movie, how will they know if it’s a good recreation without the source material?

I’m assuming you want both (like in the contest image banner above)?

Could almost wish the prizes were something else. I’ve already got all the DLC and I play offline solo, no need for a server.

The Lion in Winter is a favorite.


Not sure if i could even provide proof of show, or scene. I’m pretty sure everyone would get it… but don’t think its actual scene from show, more so song.
I don’t watch TV really anymore. (dont even have anything but video game consoles hooked up to my room and living room tv’s. )

I dont think i even own any xmas movies beside Diehard, LOL.

checks wall
yep Diehard is only thing Christmas related I own on that shelf of dvd and blue rays…Oh and I guess the Futurama box set may or may not have a axe-mas one on it. XD

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So many ideas I had … Was difficult narrowing them down then finally picking one.

This is going to be great! I have the next 7 days to work on this, and this alone. I am so happy that we can do this on our private servers! :heart:

Only thing I wonder, is if I can make it bigger than my 900k piece castle :muscle::grin:


Do you need us to also send a screenshot or a link to a clip of the scene we’re recreating, or just describe it?

A screenshot or clip would be the best, but if you are unable to do either just be sure to describe it in great detail. And either way, you will need the title of the movie in your email.

Could almost wish the prizes were something else. I’ve already got all the DLC and I play offline solo, no need for a server.

If you don’t need it, feel free to enter still! If you win, you could alwaysgive the prize to a friend or someone else. :slight_smile:

Can it be a Song? Cause… it was made as a mini tv x-mas special cartoon.

Hm…I think I would allow a cartoon but not sure about a song. You are still welcome to enter it for the fun of it. Or if not for the contest, I could always show it off on twitter or something. :smiley:

Spynosour_Nicole, laying down the truth.

Can’t wait to see the results.

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Its so cool :))

Hello i need help its suposed there is double time decay and i dont know why my two vaults disapear, one inside my base, i play in a pve official conflict server so it wasnt raid, i lost both with my Stuff what can i do? I only didnt play one day (sunday)


Not sure how far any one else got? I had so much trouble with mine, Can’t zoom camera out on Ps4(assume its same on xbox) made it hard to get any of town I built in frame, let alone me and the thing murdering me. =/

Tried to build giant helicopter 1st time, with roof of building…(die hard) I really wish we could turn stability off in admin mode. =/

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Oh no… :joy: