Homophobia on the server 1998-PVP Latin America


Hey guys, how are you?

Sorry for my bad English, I’m Brazilian and I’m using Google Translate.

So, I would like to report this construction on the 1998-PVP Latin America server.
It’s amazing how Conan’s construction mode allows us to let our imaginations run wild, but on the 1998 server the members of the clan “A Deusa Athena” have used this feature is used to write homophobic sentences.
Here in Brazil the word “bixa” is a pejorative term used in hate speech against the LGBTQIA + community, and as a member of the community I am very sad about what I found.
I believe that the Conan team does not empower prejudice and that is why people help to solve this big problem.

Thank you! For all LGBTQIA + fans of Conan. <3



Instead, take a few explosive jars and take care of it yourself?

I really hope that they do something to punish this behavior, bc latam servers are a mess, there is a lot of toxic players and other things that are against the rules, like constructions placed in a line just for no one build, even when there is no base near by.

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That’s not the point, you know?
This is an infringement against the official servers ToC:

Harassment and griefing

When playing on official servers, please stick to a general set of guidelines of basic decency, such as treat others as you would like to be treated.

If you’re experiencing harassment and griefing in-game, please be aware that there are tools in-game put in place to help you improve your experience such as muting.

However, there might be cases we may intervene against if some lines of basic human decency are crossed, for instance:

· Offensive and defamatory chat and user created content of racial, sexual, hateful, illicit or of other nature. This extends to character names, guild names, in-game signs and so on.

· Terrorist and criminal glorification. This extends to character names, guild names, in-game signs and so on.

· Personal threats, doxing, stalking. Please also make sure to get in touch with the local authorities in such similar cases.

· Impersonation of Funcom employees or staff.

Yeah taking a couple Bombs will help them to get rid of the building but not the player’s behavior.
Sadly, almost the whole LATAM community is toxic af, i tend to avoid it even if i’m one of them, not only in this game but in any game is the same… at least in my experience.


The point is that this is not the place to report this stuff. It is in the rules you posted. I am just tired of reposting the procedure over and over again :woman_shrugging:

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Than don’t re post it over and over, nobody asked u to take this massive responsibility on yourself… You don’t like it just move on and say nothing, rather than saying what u said and come across as an ignorant a hole.

Official forum is exactly the place to report it, maybe not under ‘‘general discussion’’ but that’s may be beyond the point. Not to mention the person has difficulty with English language. Said in the first sentence.

The OP could simple ask the community for help in how to report…which also has been done several times in the last 6 months.

The OP could very well just blow it up, trebuchet it…or ignore it. Trolls will always troll, and when they see they are getting their desired effects…they do it harder.

So, yes, Narelle is correct. Blow it up, or report to the devs. Displaying the pictures gives the trolls what they want.

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And you are absolutelly right, but in your previous post you didn’t say that, did you?

@Cyryus @NeoFromdMatrix I don’t see either of you helping op :thinking: you should have explained to them how to properly report their issue instead of engaging in a general discussion with me. One of you claims to be part of the LATAM community, perhaps you speak portugese and can help op who is having troubles with English? See the irony?

@B4BYi You should send a direct message to @ Community as per the rules described here if you want to report any infractions. General discussion is not the place for it.


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Please read our server and community rules.