Horse and mount menu options

Hey there.

This one should be easy.

  • Mount and dismount keybinding should be the same. On PC, mount is by default with “E”, dismount “C”…any other type of followers use “E” to open inventory, so should be it for the horse please. “C” could be applied to both mounting and dismounting.
  • The horse lacks the commands other type of followers do have, Attack, Move, Return and Stop. Pretty new to the game, seems a horse does not fight along your side, but at least it should respond to Move, Return and Stop. The size of the beast is rather obstructing in some cases, these commands are a must.

Always considered our equine folks as humanity’s best friends, they have done a lot more than dogs and cats in our civilisations…and are quite responsive to commands as well.



humble but noble beasts… carrying heroes…

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I agree that the mount and dismount keybinds should both be “C”. The number of times that I have mounted the horse when all I wanted was to open the inventory probably exceed the number of times I’ve actually wanted to get on the creature.