PC - Please make a hotkey to open mount inventory

MANY times people I play with have selected incorrect options from the circle menu due to the conditioning we’ve been put through when opening our mounts inventory. PLEASE create a hotkey/shortcut that allows us to hit one button to open our mount’s inventory.


  • Use/Open/Mount - Default to E but those wanting the separation could change it to some out of the way key.
  • Use/Open - Not configured by default, but could be set by players (example E)
  • Crouch/Dismount - Default to C
  • Mount/Dismount - Not configured by default, but could be set by players (example X)
  • Take/Loot All - Default to F

Maybe not ‘f’ - that’s default to ‘take all without opening’, which could also lead to problems. But definitely something - just separating ‘open inventory’ and ‘mount’ would be really useful.

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Yes please

yes please

my suggestion: E opens always the inventory, also the mount inventory and F for mounting the horse/rhino and pressing F again while mounted => unmounting. makes also no sense to put mount and unmount on two differnt keybindings

alternative: allow individual keybindings for mount, unmount and inventory access of mounts

oh and one more suggestion: allow interaction with gates while mounted




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