MOUNTS: Add a saddle bag to saddles we can press x on (I’m Xbox) for inventory access for quicker access

I know a lot of use find it pretty annoying that mounts (on Xbox one) are x to mount and y to dismount and hold x to access inventory.

(Sorry i dont what buttons pc and ps use)

a lot of us have it ingrained after years of play that it’s X for inventory and pets and thralls and y to crouch, i think a great solution would be to add saddle bags to the saddles we can access inventory from instead of having to hold X.

or honestly let’s just change mount and dismount to Y and have x access inventory with one tap


Yeah, same problem on PC - interact button to interact and to mount, crouch to dismount. I’d imagine it’s some version of the same on all platforms. Some way to separate interact and mount would definitely be a very good thing.


Same thing on ps4


I play on pc and i find ur idea as a fantastic quality of life improvement for the game… +1 from me


I have this issue too, and I fully support this suggestion. It’s not hard to deal with, but it’s annoying how often I accidentally climb on my horse just to look stupid🙃


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