Horse - Combat - Knocked Off Mount, and Stamina Feedback

This is early feedback on the getting dismounted by combat action, as well as combat stamina and stamina regeneration.

Falling Off Mechanic

When your horse loses all of it’s stamina and you/your horse are hit, your character is “knocked off” the horse. Currently, what your character does is that it “pops up” and stands either on top of your horse (while not moving) or finds themselves standing straight up on the ground (horse moving). It feels kinda awkward and immersive breaking.

It certaintly does the job for now. But I would like to see a fall mechanic/animation added. You get knocked off your horse and your character falls flat on their back, and takes 2-3 seconds to get up, kind of thing. Or maybe your horse stops, rears up, and then your character falls of, something along those lines. The same thing happens when the horse dies.

Another idea I thought might be something to consider is having the horse sprint away (just a short distance, within render range for sure) in a brief moment of panic when the character is dismounted. This would be harder to implement since the horse takes on pet behaviors when you are dismounted, but just an idea.

Stamina Loss

One thing I do like is that your character is out of stamina when they fall off, and unable to do anything until your stamina regenerates. So while you have been dismounted, you are unable to do anything until you recover your stamina fully.

However, and this could be a bug, once your stamina regenerates, you are able to remount your Horse at any point, even though your Horse’s stamina hasn’t fully replenished. It will be low for sure (especially if you are in combat with multiple enemies), but you can still remount until the stamina is once again depleted (where the process begins anew). I’m okay with this, but I wonder if the system shouldn’t be more strict and disallow you from mounting all together until your horse also has full endurance.

Stamina - Horse Regeneration

At a level 1 horse, with the lowest level of saddle, you can go full sprint for a good deal of time. You can also engage in combat for a decent amount of time and not lose a lot of stamina for a bit. That’s fine. What I do think needs to be more strict is the regeneration when you fully run out. You can sprint for forever, use up all the horse’s stamina entirely, and be fully regenerated within seconds. There should be more penalty to that I think.

Stamina - Player While Mounted

This appears intended as far as I can tell, but when your character swings their weapon in combat while mounted, no stamina at all is consumed. I think this should be changed so that they consume appropriate amounts of stamina while mounted. Unless that part is a bug, then consider that my report on the matter heh heh.


Thank you for your feedback @Multigun, it’s much appreciated!


Can confirm that player stamina does not drain for weapon/bow attacks while on horseback

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While I agree this appears to be a bug, how important is it? My experiments on horseback were mostly hit and run, then swing back for another pass. Rarely (never?) did I stop my pony and spam an attack.

With that process the character’s stamina would regen anyway, with no other drain.



As I see it, not for us to judge. Testlive is for reporting anything and everything, big and small. Let Funcom set priority of tasks.

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Is there any way to see your horse’s endurance before mounting it? If not, I think it would be quite frustrating to have to spam-press “mount” without knowing when it’ll work…

Not at the moment, but you have a good point. :slight_smile:

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Good points and I really hope they do more with how the character falls of the horse, new animations etc.

Since Combat is in the title of this post, let’s discuss using a heavy lance. Is it just me, or does the heavy lance attack seem really hard to operate? Sometimes when I press and hold the heavy attack, the lance stays down with a red tip. Sometimes it goes down and pops back up, then goes down again and pops back up. I can’t manage to get any consistent results with that lance.

What about damage? Well, it takes 10-15 seconds to run down the target and hit it (if you get lucky), then you have to run past far enough to be able to make a turn and run it down again. Figure about 30 seconds to pull off a couple of good hits. I think it would take about 6-8 hits to bring down a higher level thrall or critter (non boss), so a couple min of horseback with lance. I can do that with a stone weapon in 20 seconds.

I suppose Lance may just be intended for that first hit and then the rider switches to a conventional weapon to engage in the continued battle. If that is the case, the lance should produce massive damage on that initial hit.

I may just need to spend more than a couple hours of horse back lance fighting to get a better feel, but for now it feels really off.

Can’t say I have this issue. But based on your description, it sounds like a mouse issue I commonly have with the old Logitech G600’s I used to use, where the mouse buttons would wear out and it wouldn’t register as being held down.

I think it also depends on the character stats, and horse stats as well. Along with how fast you are moving and the object you are attacking is moving.

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Mouse is fairly new and the button always holds down great. I’m an archer ingame and my heavy attack holds flawlessly. I’ll keep working with it and see if there is something I am missing, like the angle I hold the lance or something peculiar.

Not saying that this is your problem, but sharing my experience. The difference in your post above is that my mouse does occasionally ‘drop’ both buttons when held. Logitech G903, replacement ordered. Although I am disappointed in the latest series of Logitech mice (and KBs) from a quality standpoint, it did last a year, and their software rocks.



I would argue that it would make an impact if stamina cost was fixed. I took a little trip in to the pit/arena and rode circles around the undead dragon and was able to shoot arrows continuously.


Good point, Thea, and a tactic I did not consider. Thanks !

Also, @Multigun, agree, thanks.



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