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Problem: Bug | Performance
The first video with some of the stones that the game takes to process that the stones are broken, started after the last update.

The second video is just a suggestion that it is very strange to be ejected from the horse for making a small jump, I don’t even do a jump because it happens in simple jumps, it would be better if it didn’t have to be ejected


Hello @Chris_of_Kali, can you provide more details regarding the horse dismount issue?

How often does it occur?

Do you have any exact steps that are able to reproduce the issue consistently?

Yes. Each jump more or less high as in the video, the character leaves the horse. During the game it is difficult to see if a simple jump from a place a little high will eject me from the horse, this is a problem that has been there since the beginning. I understand that the character falls off the horse from a really big height, but making a jump from a slightly higher dune and being ejected already limits more the actions with the horse. The player automatically ends up always trying to walk on flat terrain on a not very flat map.

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I think the programmed line when the horse joins its legs in the air for a longer time, the game identifies it as if it were falling from a great height

I have this time to time, Mostly falling further then horse can jump. You’ll get knocked off (well standing anyway)

I’m not able to get it to happen all time thou. I mostly get it when jumping down hills. Thou unlike video above (were he lands with little stam) I’ve landed small falls with 60-80%of bar never noticed it take a hit.

I mostly get stuck with a 0 stam horse, that needs me to dismount and feed it.

Or one thats not flat to ground. it can be on ground, but’ll it’ll look like its on a hill. You’ll ride a horse facing 40 degrees downward. XD

Seriously? Really…

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