Horse parking space

need somewhere in unnamed city to park a horse.

Can’t say…I’ve ever need to Park one, ussally on follow or off to the side.

I would say above Well, (above map room) or in the map room.

Few breaks in wall on South end, that don’t have enemy guards.

Most other spots have wandering blues guys, dragons or undead.
I know along Red Mothers Side, there few ledges and such, were Dragons don’t spawn on, or often roam near… I can’t say if it be safe-safe.

I don’t like fighting some of those bosses on horseback, and with the horse constantly trying to get behind and to its tether distance is a pain. Blokes or gets me stuck trying to dodge.
I hope they take the horse off as a “thrall” so its off the aggro table if its supposed to be passive. I would like to unmount and have it stay in that spot. I would rather not me a Mongol horde on horseback.

Or maybe add time to its tether check?

unless something has changed if you tell the horse to stop following
and stay in render distance, it’ll be there when you get back.

it only went home if you left render distance or died.

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