Horses and water -can't attack, infinite stamina-

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug?
Region: US

When you ride a horse in the water you can no longer attack. R1 and R2 won’t do nothing. Also horse stamina won’t go up nor down.

Btw, this makes water even MORE annoying than before… many other water issues need to be fixed from a long time ago:

1- Players without stamina should not be able to dive… only to swim on the surface. This small change will prevent people jumping to the water to avoid a fight and staying there for hours, diving everytime you want to hit them with a javalin or horse on the surface.

2- Walking underwater is still possible, hasnt being fix in this update

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Ride a horse on water
  2. Try R1 or R2 with any weapon

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