Bug or Intended? Unsure - Regenerating Stamina While Mounted in the Water

Bug or Suggestion - Character Stamina Regen in Water While Mounted

If your character dismounts, uses up parts of their stamina, then mounts the horse, they will regenerate stamina while mounted. However, if they do the same while in the water, they do not regenerate stamina. Unsure if this is a bug or intended.

Bug or Intended? - Horse Stamina Regen in Water

When your horse uses up stamina, on land or in the water (and yes, you can swim faster with the Mount in water using sprint), they regenerate stamina like normal on land. The horse also regenerates stamina while floating too. Your character does not do the same when floating in water on their own, so I’m unsure if this is intended design or not.

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Hey @Multigun

Thanks for the feedback again. Sending this to our team to see if it is intended or not.

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