Horse Water Question

Do you regen stamina while on a horse in water? If so it would make getting underwater resources easier. If so If so then leave that feature in.

Good question, just tested this.

No, you do not regenerate stamina while mounted and the mount is floating. You can get on and off the horse in the water, but you do not regenerate stamina until you are back on land. This feels like an intended design, but I’ll make a post on the testlive forums with that feedback just in case.

Is it possible to steal a tamed horse by just hopping on and riding away?

No. That was talked about during one of the streams, don’t remember which. Horses use Follower mechanics, so its the same as trying to steal another player’s Fighter Thrall.

But does a player regain stamina, when sitting on the horse on NORMAL ground?

Because why should it be than different, when the horse is in water? o_O


Here is the report I wrote (and all my findings) regarding water stamina with the horse ---->


You really are the Man of the patch!! Not only your 10hours work for the stream recap (its me from reddit - thE_29) but your discovering of the bugs is just insane!!
You should be again the next Chosen of Asura :smiley:

If only my PC could handle the game. But I dont need a strong GPU for coding, hence why I have none :confused:

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Hey @Multigun are you in the game as a thrall yet? I want to catch you. :rofl::rofl:

He is the OLDEST one of the Chosen of Asura. His ingame name is: Gilum’tun, Asuras Chosen.

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