Water stalling , intended?

Just starting playing more lately and I have noticed if I change tools on my horse in the water I just stop and can’t move until I remove the tool. I have also noticed this happening when I enter the water from the coast on the mount. Intended or glitch?

The horse is wielding the tools. These reports are getting more wild by the day.

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Especially when it’s the first post you read with the morning coffee. :rofl:


Sorry for the late reply, I can move a horse in the water unless I equip a tool or weapon while in the water on the horse. This also happens if I am swimming and equip a weapon or tool I will stop swimming and will not move unless I dequip the weapon or tool or dequip and then requip the tool or weapon.

It was the first post I read when I opened the forums. :smiley:

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Why would they not?



Same when just swimming alone. You are locked after activities such as something crafted, food consumed, exiting from the inventory of a loot chest, switching gear, using gear.
I drowned a few times farming glowing goop in the Sunken city :frowning_face:

I make a bug report.

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Thank you again :smiley:

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