Hot Date: July 2nd - 14:45 EDT 20:45 CEST

*** Time has been updated to lessen the overlap with the Shambala event! ***

On Saturday July 2nd starting 14:45 EDT 20:45 CEST I will be hosting the Hot Date Contest.

For this contest you will need:

  1. the bad dates from the house in Scorched Desert, al Merayah

  2. a stack of hot sauce from Dante in London

  3. Theck’s Lay Off The Sauce mod

The goal will be to survive as many stacks of bad dates as you can while ALSO non stop consuming Dante’s hot sauce via the mod.

*** Please no using macros ***

(the contest is in large part a stamina contest, how long can you keep yourself alive with abilities without messing up, macros remove this element of the challenge)

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners.

Prizes for the Hot Date Contest still to be confirmed.

edit: you can reply to the post to “sign up” so I have an idea of who is planning to show up, but it is not a requirement, anyone who wants to attempt and shows up will be given the opportunity

---------------------------------------- EVENT COMPLETED UPDATE ----------------------------------------

Thanks for participating and hanging out everybody!

We had 4 participants willing to spice up their bad dates with hot sauce.

Agnetha (1st place with 80 stacks!)
Lisiasty (2nd place)
Vomher (3rd place)
Ceruleana (last but not least!)

The prizes were 7/5/3 epic key cache openings respectively for 1/2/3.
They got to pick which type of caches were opened and I opened them and traded them the epic items.
(also will try and get those that didn’t have it already the healer t-shirt!)

You can watch the recording of the event here.

Here are a few screenshots from the event and after event celebration!

Thanks everybody!!!


+ Agnetha


Sign me up… to fail hilariously! >:)


Thanks a lot for cool event and letting me take part in competition :wink:


I was going for best death