Hotfixes, updates?

Please bear with me , I really don’t understand why on the PC platform there aren’t more patch’s, it’s all good for testlive, but those with crap internet can’t contribute. For example thrall health, can you just not pass it forward(it’s fixed on testlive afaik). Why hold back fixes that matter? I’m trying to understand. Thankyou for your time. :smile:

I also dont know, and testlive per se is not playable after the initial testing is done because of big bugs and now servers stuck lag teleporting because they are not restarted.

They explained why they haven’t restarted the testlive servers in today’s community dev stream. Essentially, it’s intentional, so that they can stress test the patches they produce.


If you wanted more micro hotfixes, then that delays the larger patches even more. It’s not something that is just, easily done. You have to test just the hotfixes alone, you have to create packages for it, etc. If you want a bunch of micro hotfixes, we’ll have to wait months on top of what we already do for the latest large patch.

Not only that, some things are part of a larger picture. Just because you see it as “small” or “easy” doesn’t meant that it is. Often, bugs are part of a much larger system that has to get fixed, that touches a multitude of things. You can’t just fix one thing, and expect it to not touch anything else.

In summary, hotfixes are and should only be used when it is necessary. Funcom should absolutely not adhere to people’s demands for quicker patches because they are inpatient, which is exactly why this latest patch is getting extra time before it’s pushed.

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Thanks for your reply.

They did it once. With the 500bug fix one before going on vacation. I think they did it on purpose just to show us how its not a good idea.

It worked if that was the case. And I don’t blame them.

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