[XBOX] The difference between terms "hotfix" and "patch."

I know, you all have seen it. Funcom saying they are releasing a “hotfix” for crashes and other problems with CE. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’ve played enough of these games to know there is a clear difference between a hotfix and an actual game patch. And I’ve noticed every single time they say they’re pushing a hotfix we must download a 9-10gb update for said hotfix. There really needs to be some clarification here. Not once has Funcom mentioned that we would need to download such a big patch when they push these live. It really frustrates me and I’m sure it frustrates a lot of others that aren’t able to jump right in because of unexpected updates. With any other game I’ve played, the term hotfix referred to a server-side patch that required no download from us whatsoever.

My point is, there really needs to be better communication when it comes to pushing patches live. CE is a very good game. I very much enjoy playing, but lack of communication is really annoying.

Thank you!

Hotfix is actually - patch, but special one, which mostly appears right after bigger bugfix patch to handle issues which was re/introduced or wasn’t fixed in bigger patch but they have top priority. And there’s no ‘size’ limitations

I get what you’re saying. You’re right. But we are never notified about any kind of patch to download until the last minute when we go to play and find out there is one available.

Hm, i’m actually twice noticed patch announcement which enrolled after in 30-120 minutes. If you’re talking about server update than i would agree that it requires to notify people at least half an hour before going down.

No what I’m saying is when they post on social media and stuff like that, they only tell you they’re bringing servers down for a hotfix, they don’t say much else. Nothing at all about having to download a patch or how big of a patch it is. For example, I play ARK. Usually when they push a patch out they’ll tell you how big of a patch it will be. Like ~20-25gb. There is never any mention of this when Funcom brings the servers down for hotfix. And I get they’re going thru a 3rd party host, but you would think even they would know how big of a patch it would be.

Yea it’s crap when server updates are not scheduled properly. One thing that makes having a dedicated server better I can select the time I do an update and restart the server.

I am able to give a 1-2 hour warning. Still sucks for people who sometimes get an incompatible message but is better than the officials

It was the same case for arc and other multiplayer games, game start process currently goes not for couple of days, but for couple of month and in this time patches enrolled asap.

I’d prefer to die from hyena, loose all gear and archpriest due to reboot than wait couple of weeks for patch which fixes stability, performance, battle mechanics issues :slight_smile: