How about a screenshot competition to change the loading screen shots?

Kind of sick of the loading screens - how about a competition to choose a whole bunch of new ones! Prize is having your shot displayed with your name credited? Then you could randomise them from a pool or something.


I love this idea! We have such a creative community, and there are lots of amazing-looking places in the game world, that this would be a great way to involve the community in a way that would cost very little to implement in the game.


I agree with @Kapoteeni. I’ve seen some good examples on discord and I should be looking at the Fanworks section now instead of browsing the web for who knows what.

Unfortunately @JustHorse’s camera skills aren’t included. Maybe a follow-up competition to make a fun intro video for the game?


Well that’s a rarity. A suggestion that sounds fun, is non-exploitable, is available to the whole community (consoles can still do screenshots, right? I haven’t owned a console for quite a while and never had the need to do a screenshot even when I did own one…) AND it hasn’t been done to death.

What’s to lose! (Other than some sanity for whoever has to sort through the many many submissions heh).


Pokémon Go suffered from this for awhile as well. At least its loading screen background pictures change thorough seasons and the like nowadays (not that I play it anymore; not enough achieved potential). It was fun at first, but then the company policies became clear.

It would also be beneficial if the phasing in and out of a loading screen was smooth enough. Think about a candle and then place a picture directly on top of it, the tip of flame caressing the center of the picture. It starts to burn from the middle and spread toward the edges. This is what I’d imagine the phasing out animation could be for example.

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I…really really really like this idea.


They could use that in Conan Unconquered. The starting screen already has a candle and a map ready to be burnt to ashes… frankly, it sounds a bit like the Hyborian Age introduction. Also, I wouldn’t want to see fanwork burning. I know, I’m taking too literally of course.

For Conan Exiles it should be the same as the trailer / live streams, so the loading screen turns to dust and is blown of the screen as if in the desert. Might need to vary in texture depending on the biome - at least Volcano = lava or fire sparks

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Yessss! Watching all the same movie for the 100th time is too much; I prefer to turn Intro off (but it turns on after every update :rage: )

Brilliant idea!

That’s what I was thinking about - the loading screens are the perfect place to showcase the game world which doesn’t get enough credit IMO. There are so many stunningly beautiful areas in the game, I bet half the people playing aren’t even aware of half of them. Add to it the day/night cycle and various lighting effects - add player structures to the mix and boom!

yeah… I think the loading screen is in need of improvements… i’d like to see in game scenes taken from players… the combat, dungeons, landscapes, and player builds would be a amazing addition to the loading screen! CE has so much work put into the fine details of the map (keep up the good work devs) it should be shown off!

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