Bazaar Advertisments on the Loading Screens

Do we really need to start having commercials/advertisements, call them what one will, for Black Lotus Bazaar items on the in game loading screens now!? Because I would argue we should not. Example.


Unpleasant indeed.

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And you cant even buy the yamatai nor nemedian set at the moment.


The way its presented isnt what bothers me, not like its bad design. Just not a huge fan of having microtransactions thrown in my face. However this is very in-character of funcom sadly


But they need moneyyzzzz


And the game crash and server disconnect as well.

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Definitely not liking this. Not only because it’s inserting ads into the game, even if they are on loading screens, but also because it’s indicative of what might be coming down the pipe in the near future. And I’m not referring to new bazaar items.

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Well what are you referring to then?

I actually like it, even though I rarely buy from the store. Now it saves me the trouble of looking. I just wish it cycled through everything more often (and they put more stuff on the store so it doesn’t get old so fast).

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Yep I just discovered this too, this is going way too far and very intrusive.


The Bazaar is optional and cosmetic only they said, easily avoided and ignored they said, not so anymore.


The CCP always want money so they can buy more land in other countries they want to invade.

It’s only a loading screen I have seen a lot worse in games. Billboards, flashing signs, product placement, and even video advertisements. So feel lucky its just a loading screen. It could be worse.


Glad I’m playing with modded loading screens.

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I already have the vanir Tavern I want the Yamatai now.

Oh shit, here we go again. I remember, that the devs did same trick with Conan Unconquered, when it was released

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That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve seen all those things as well, so it’s not “It could be worse.” It’s “It probably will get worse.”

Get ready for unskippable 5 seconds adverts each time you open your inventory…unless you buy Exile+ monthly sub that provides monthly drops, unique items and permanent xp and drops bonuses.

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As long as it stays how it is… acceptable. Would actually welcome more information such as date of release and prices.

Anything more intrusive and/or advertisement for third-party products… that’d be a red line for me.

I do have to mention, though, that loading screens can and ave been changed by modders. So it’s probably possible to build a Conan Exiles adblocker. :wink:

Yeah except 2 out of 3 platforms this game is available on do not have access to mods. Nor do Exiles on official servers.