How Archery Damage is Calculated

It will still deal damage over time and prevent healing. You will have more time to regain stamina and move around.
Damage that other arrows can do is low and they are not worth using. At 10 stacks, poison is quite good and it will out damage all other arrows (and bows)

I think the weapon attachment to the bow is having no effect. Because if the bow’s 9% armor pen had no effect, it should do less damage than a Hardened Steel Sword. They both do 36/9 damage, but if the base armor pen on the bow didn’t work, then it would be doing 18/0 + 18/9 damage instead of 18/9 +18/9 (36/9)

The / is just separating dmg/armorpen for sake of space. Its not an operator.

A stack of 10 poison against silent legion is doing 8 damage per second.

Unrelated note… the Arrow is replacing the Spiked fitting. It still has the armor pen value listed. But the arrow replaces the fitting.

Try this.

Spawn a bow. Place an arrow on it. Then a fitting. Try to fire.

Says you have no ammo.

Place arrow on bow again, notice the fitting icon goes away.

Maybe things are more bugged then before when we checked, but SL armor was literally immune to arrows and poison dealt more damage.I guess it needs retesting.

I have noticed that myself. Since I wasn’t testing anything at the time, I just assumed the spiked fitting was still working since the bow’s background was purple and the armor pen shown was still 24%.

Heavier armor in general. Bows have such low damage outputs compared to melee. And the lower armor pen values don’t help.

If they added the armor pen values (or just made them higher), then boosted the damage of arrows and bows. They’d be a comparable weapon. They’d still be doing less damage due to not having Slice and Dice and Brutal Strikes, and only having Salt the Wound for one arrow type.

And then the nail on the coffin is Poison is mitigated by armor (bug), and Spiked Fittings get replaced by arrows (bug).

Yeah SL is definitely not immune to arrow damage now.

With Dragonbone bow and arrows with 20 accuracy I’m doing 15 with light attacks and 23 with heavy attacks.
With a hardened steel sword and 20 strength I’m doing 15 damage on both light and heavy attacks.

Total damage for melee and ranged says 50 for each one on the stats screen.

There’s weird stuff going on here.

What is weird is Dragonbone Bow actually has a decent damage value assigned to it compared to hardened steel. Now if it could only do Dragonbone weapon tier damage lol.

Also… the Strength perks do work with Bow/Arrow. 10% light attack dmg, and 25% heavy works. As does Bloodcrazed

No kidding.
I love my Dragonbone Axe.

I don’t use mods but I may end up downloading your Archery fix when it’s done. :slight_smile:

I don’t recommend it lol. Its going to be my first mod if it doesn’t crash and burn.

It’ll give me something else to test then!

Good thread! Interesting read :slight_smile:

Keeping an eye for the mod from now on… I’ll jump to test bows with it the moment I see it pop up in the Workshop lol

Honestly, arrow damage should not be affected by these and bow armor pen should apply to the damage. Then they can balance bow damage without strength

Or make strength affect all damage (not just melee damage), which may give 50 accuracy/40 strength builds actual good bow damage at the cost of all other utility. Be more of a trade off then

This is a vital change to the game. It just makes no sense, and it would help balance out the armor classes a bit more.

Daggers with bleed and poison would then be a better counter vs plate and high armor builds.

Bleed and poison don’t even scale with gear iirc, which also needs to be addressed if weapon balance will ever happen

Been trying to cook the mod, but throws an error in the process. I’m reinstalling the devkit to a simpler path installation to see if that is the cause.

If anyone has any advice on how to best edit the item tables, I’m all ears. I’ve been editing it directly but I feel like that could break something down the road if there is a game update. As I said this is my first attempt at a mod.

Little update, finally worked on getting the mod to cook and works pretty well from what I’ve seen in singleplayer. In addition I reworked it so the itemtables are not modified themselves and instead there is a merge function. This should ensure that any updates that Funcom makes in the future won’t break the mod and any changes, updates, or balance passes I do will be streamlined.

I just need to do a bit more internal testing to make sure its ripe for the public. But after testing it a bit in singleplayer its looking very promising.


Final Update. Mod has been tested and released:

As an added bonus, Javelins stack to 10, and Throwing Axes stack to 20.

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Awesome! \o/ I already suscribed and installed yesterday! Gonna give full archery a try then, over the weekend :slight_smile:

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