How are people even playing on servers?

I don’t stay in the game for more than 15 seconds until I’m booted to the xbox home screen. I see the servers are populated…so isn’t someone on them?

I dropped a hundred bucks on this game for me and my brother to play, I can’t return his copy, so I’m stuck with it. I kind of feel like I been scammed, I can’t even BEGIN to play the game?

Play on solo for 5 min and then get on a server, I promise it works, I guess it’s kind of a pre-download before you jump on the server. Just don’t exit out of the game when you switch from solo to online or it won’t work

P.s. if you were hoping to just play co-op instead, good luck with that, it’ll work for a little and then never again

Thanks for the reply, I tried this after hearing it from a few people. It does seem to work.

I don’t mind playing a half broken game. After all, this is xbox one and some of the best games are half broken on here.

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using this above mentioned trick I get 1-3 hours of uninterrupted play. However you will crash again… upon a crash just repeat the trick do not go directly back into game or you run a high risk of crashing immediately or very soon. take the time to load into a solo offline game then exit to menu.