Getting dropped on offical server

Ok i have alot to say, I know most won’t read this, but i hope the developers do.
I hate using forums, so me posting here says something. I have looked thru the posts and haven’t found what i need, so here goes.

Logging in has been an issue to an offical server. Me and my wife of 30 years are gamers, welove playing videogames together, survival games most of all.
We bought this game twice and the dlc’s sowe can play together. Alot of money spent, to find out, the game is broken. We can’t play together because one of use iskicked from the server with in 30 seconds of trying to join the other.
And it happens often enough even as a single player trying to play on an offical server that it almost makes me want me to say to hell with it.
I have read thru the forums, and i see where players are cheating, and seeing players are phasing thru walls to steel stuff, and falling thru the planet to thier death, which has happened to me as well, or having NPC’s as thralls they shouldn’t have, WHO CARES, when you can’t even login to play.
And before any half baked players reply, i have an Xbox1, 60mb internet connection and a 100mb gameing wireless router that has been checked at my end and yes my NAT type is open, so what is the problem.
How about you fix the login problems so me and my wife can play a game together, and don’t even get me started on the co op version of this game!

Did you always try the same server or did you try several?
Are you in the same time zone? Or in other words, is the server far away from you geographically?

I think you are experiencing ‘dashboarding’ and the workaround is to first load up an offline single player game (‘x’ for offline). This allows the map to load in so I’ve been told. You can almost immediately disconnect from that session and start up your online session without getting sent back to the home screen. Quite annoying, but should work.

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I’ll try that offline thing, ty.

As far as i know i’m in the same time zone, i’m in america playing on an american server if that is what you mean. I’ve tried several offical server and none would allow me or my wife on the same server at the same time without 0ne or both getting kicked from the game completely back to our home page.

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I tried your suggestion and i have to say, YOU THE MAN! For the first time in months since the wife and i have been able to play together TYVM!


Glad we didn’t lose 2 gamers, we need the population for sure. I’m just sorry that this very NECESSARY workaround isn’t communicated to people who just want to start up their console and play a game that should work. Wish there was an ingame announcement or ever in the loading hints perhaps.

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