Xbox one crash again

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Europe]

Game have been crashing and or freezing 5 seconds into the game. Did the band aids I’d of doing the single player but still don’t work… anyone else having the same issue? What is the developers doing to fix this. So frustrated lost everything because of freeze and getting killed WTH. This is on official EUROPE 2019 PVE-C

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Load game starts
  2. 5sec later freeze
  3. Restart game
  4. Happens again and get killed


I have had the same issue in the past and my problem was my base size. It used to take me 3+ attempts to log in. If you have a massive base you might try logging off in a different location away from your base that way the game/console/router doesn’t choke on the massive amount of rendering and data it has to handle.

It has solved the problem for me. Hope it helps you too.


Its happening to me too i even reinstalled the game and still the same

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Where exactly were you logged out when you began experiencing this issue?
Was there a considerable amount of player built structures in the area?

After dying and respawning, can you confirm if the issue is still persisting?
Does it also happen if you try to play on other servers or Single Player?

Just to exclude any potential hardware issues, are you currently able to run other games without facing similar problems?

juuuuust in case you missed a step, this is the band aid I have made my normal startup and I never have the immediate disconnect issue.

After a while if not by my base it works fine. No other games does this

@dangtimes Please provide us with the information requested in the previous reply, otherwise we won’t be able to further assist you.

Note: We’ve deleted your last reply as you’ve already posted in under a new thread, and it was unrelated to this thread’s issue.

Hey all I have experienced the same issues and noted it happened when I was signing into official servers on xbox one, and typically after the first time I have logged in for the day.

My solution is to log into offline single player when I restart after a crash, for some reason this seems to clear up the issue, I spend a couple seconds in singleplayer offline mode and return to my server with no issues.

I have an xbox one x, and my game is installed on an external SSD, including the Pict and Riddle DLC.


Having the same issues the past few days on more than 3 occasions, done a reinstall of the game, reset my xbox and internet connection and still happens and my character got killed and have lost all items belonging to the character, its just annoying that i have a game that ive bought including the dlc and cant even play it, wothout getting sent back to the xbox dashboard.

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