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Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug]
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Summary: I am unable to log into my single player offline game. The game consistently crashes about 10-15 seconds after the “chime/clang” you hear when the progress bar reaches the end. Most often I get that annoying stuttering sound for about 5 seconds when it crashes. Ironically I can log and play online with no problems and I even tried to play online for 20 minutes and then switch back but it still crashes (the reverse of the fix those that play online do to be able to play online).

What I was doing before this happened: My offline is more for me to explore building so I have a large number of structures scattered around the map. I was at my largest base that I was planning on demolishing. The location is on the mesa just south of the Blackhand stone pirate ship in the middle of the map. It is on the same mesa that the Pirate Queen is walking around (in my game she is glitched and sort of teleports/stutters all around her campsite). The base is just towards the back. I removed most of the furnishings and thralls that I wanted to save but added about 20-30 explosive jars around the Set altar to destroy it. I guess I have the God bubble glitch as well because the God Bubbles for the Set Altar were active (even though I moved my Arch Priest to a new home). I proceeded to test the God bubbles out by spawning in a couple of Mitras and as I expected, they died before reaching the base, I did get this frosty looking overlay on my screen like I was experiencing frostbite or something after testing out the bubbles. The overlay never went away though. I then decided to destroy the pyramid the altar was in and tried to with the explosive jars. Except the jars were immune to my arrows. I then detonated one of them manually but it did no damage to the structure. In the past, I had “damage to player structures” unchecked but this time it was checked. I then thought I would try enabling pvp and restart the game for pvp to take effect. I disconnected from my single player offline server and then restarted the game for the change to take effect. From this point on, I cannot log into my offline game.

Please help as this was a character I created in early access and I have lots of buildings that I like and don’t want to delete. The location of this base has always been problematic for me. The base would load in fine but the surrounding areas would load in piecemeal (like the gif on the test live notes where you are comparing loading in the bases except it is the landscape near this base). I also don’t know if this is relevant or not but my single player game takes about 6-8 minutes to load. Also please give us the ability to create and save more than one Exile (six would be great) as I’m theorizing that I may have too many structures on my one save and it is too hard for the Xbox One to process—having more would allow me to spread out my buildings among different game saves). I am hoping that the fixes to the loading times in the upcoming patch solve my problem.

Thanks, Funcom and keep up the good work. I appreciate all of the hard work that goes into making this game.

If anyone has any insight or similar experience with this feel free to chime in…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey @Gr0gnak

This seems a very specific issue, but it might point out to some sort of problem running out of memory on the console (or some corrupted save file). Hopefully the upcoming optimization fixes will help with your problem.
Additionally, you could try and see if clearing the cache of your Xbox One does let you log back into your save file.

Thanks for the response Ignasis. I will try clearing the cache in the xbox to see if that helps.

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Unfortunately, clearing the cache didn’t work.

Hey @Gr0gnak

Could you try to send me via direct message your save file?

Hi Ignasis,

How do I do send my save file to you? I’m on Xbox One.

Ah, my bad. I did completely forget about not being able to backup save files on a USB on Xbox One :frowning:
Have you tried, just in case, to log into any server and then come back to your offline save?
In any case then, I’m afraid the only two solutions I can think of are either waiting for the Testlive patch going live, and see if any of the new optimizations help alleviate the load on your console, or start a new file (which I understand it’s a real problem in itself).
I will send a suggestion to our devs to allow more than a save file for offline, too.

Your problem could be that your using the Xbox one, my friend and I both had the xbox one and both of us would crash him more than myself but then my Xbox one broke so I bought the Xbox one X and now I barely crash were as my friend still crashes constantly he’s given up on the game I still play I also bought the seagate 4T external hard drive and my game has even gotten better I rarely crash anymore maybe once a month or every other month but I still lag but that only started after the Halloween Event before that I never had lag … hopefully this helps with your problem

Hi Ignasis,
Yes, I have tried to play online and then try to load up the single player game. I can play online fine without any problems as long as I connect to a server with a low ping number (usually 66 or less) otherwise, I tend to crash. Unfortunately, even after playing for some time on an online server (like for an hour or so) and then disconnecting from it so I can play my offline character, I crash at the same spot. I am waiting to see if the optimization features from the upcoming test live patch will solve my problem (fingers crossed).

Also thanks for suggesting to the devs to allow more than one save file/character for offline players. I think a lot of offline players would love to have the ability to create new characters and have more places to experiment and build on without overwhelming their current save file. For me, I think a total of six save game slots would give ample storage for offline players.

Thanks again for your help in this matter, it is appreciated.


Hi, Strider 5599,
Thanks for the reply. I do think that part of my problem could be my Xbox One as this is a really large structure (a large central pyramid with three smaller pyramids on the south, west, and east walls and foundations that run almost all the way down the cliff face on the southern side. When I constructed this base I wasn’t sure how the purge worked so I overdesigned it with two or three thick foundation walls. I know now that there are better ways to design bases but this base was the third structure I ever built. Also, the base is situated on the back end of Pariah’s Overwatch and near two NPC camps (The Black Galleon and Scoundrel’s Gateway) it may just be too much for the Xbox One console to handle. It is a great location but for a smaller base, not a ginormous one. While I can’t afford a new Xbox One X at the moment, I have been considering getting the Seagate Hard drive. I might consider getting one if the upcoming patch update in test live doesn’t help.

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Hello, I had similar issue with my first game. Was over level 40 and building a large base near the Oasis and game crashed. Game never re-loaded and kept going back to xbox home page. Tried all the suggested fixes, clear cache, re-loaded the game, etc. I was never able to restart or get the original game save back. Had to create a new profile and start a new game. In US region on Xbox one -S, single player offline mode.
I may go with Strider’s suggestion and think about investing in the Xbox one X, (that is good to hear game is better on the X with seagate)
And game still has screen lag after the Halloween event and December updates.

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