Xbox Single Player Crashes Game forever

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[Hi, I’ve seen a large number of similar posts to this but never a solution; my game stutters then crashes back to Xbox home screen when the loading bar finishes on my single player offline (happens to co op online too). I’ve only built a few large buildings but they are beyond beautiful and now all that effort feels lost and makes me want to quit. I can log into online servers next to or in large bases (sometimes I crash but not this hard). I’ve tried clearing cashe, reinstalling and playing online for a while first. No matter what I do my single player crashes right when the loading bar ends. It feels like the Xbox can’t handle it and crashes, but it loads up heavier built worlds online. This leads me to believe there’s a much greater strain added to the console in offline mode instead of the server. So I beg for any solutions anyone might offer to save my buildings and propose two questions: Is it possible to move my offline Xbox single player data to a server I am RENTING from Gportal? And if so how do I rent an XBOX server from Gportal? I only see PC/ps4. If this works to at least log in and move my character away from my large structures I’d even do the same for other players experiencing the same issue as I’ve seen a lot of posts. I know it was partly my bad for logging off next to a large structure but I’m a little frustrated that this has been happening to people since launch and is still an issue, imagine going to work and not getting paid or literally designing art for years only to find the gallery burnt down before you could share it.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start single player offline
  2. Build a large structure
  3. Add furniture or level 3 shrines
  4. Log out near it and say goodbye to all your work forever

Hey Letterzero,

Sorry to hear about your troubles… I wish I knew what was causing your issue.

Could you provide a few more details about your system? What generation of Xbox, where is your gave data saved(external/internal), and if you are using an external drive what type(ssd/hdd)?

Also, there are several other threads discussing this issue.

As for transferring your save data to GPortal, I don’t believe it’s possible.

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It’s the regular Xbox one, not the X. It’s saved internally

I’m a disabled veteran on a fixed income so I can’t afford the one X if that was the incoming suggestion. I know a lot of things are now enhanced for it but this is the only game that’s negatively impacted performance wise by being on the old console that I play

Thank you for your service. Much respect.

Having an Xbox One X helps, but I would suggest an SSD to give you a boost. I found one on Amazon for a decent price. ADATA SD600 3D NAND 256GB USB3.1 Ultra-Speed External Solid State Drive Read up to 440 MB/s Black (ASD600-256GU31-CBK) There are others with larger storage and better performance, but they also come with a larger price tag.

The read and write speeds are much faster than normal hard disk drives. For example, when I use the map room, I port much faster than some of my friends because of my ssd. It loads the game much faster.

Also, having a wired connection to a decent router helps.

That’s about all I can suggest! Hope this helps you!

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We don’t do it for thanks we do it for you >.~
Okay, so I get an external solid state hard drive and it will let me transfer my single player game data to there and then I can log back into my offline server without crashing? It won’t bottleneck performance going through a usb? This would be better or worse than an Xbox one X? I’d have to take a credit card out for either so I may as well shoot for the option most likely to work. Is it possible for a dev to move my character away from the structures for me maybe? My connection speed is 1 gig up and 1 gig down fiber, it’s a hard line.


I could only dream of fiber… I live out on a farm with 15Mbit/s wireless.

Both have usb 3.0 and that has a 5 Gbit/s transfer rate. I have used an SSD with both consoles and it has improved load times with both.

Hello @Letterzero, thank you for reaching out!

Our team actively looks into performance and crash issues on console, CE can be a very demanding game, especially on single player, and having both the faster console model and an SSD does help to some extent, as well keeping the console clean for optimal airflow since overheating may also lead to these issues.

In regards to your single player save, unfortunately you won’t be able to back it up to a USB drive as you would with the PS4 or PC versions, due to the way these files are handled by the XBOX.

In the eventuality that you know anyone that has a XBOX One X and / or SSD, you could try to use either before committing to a purchase, as it would not guarantee that the issue would be solved.

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Is there any plans to fix this? I’ve seen posts by people having the same or similar issues for a while now. I never had these issues in the beginning even with more stuff built on my old server than I have currently. It feels like it has to do with updates since and doesn’t feel fair that we have to buy additional hardware just to play the same software that worked before

While dealing with the whole private server issues my official server tribe got insided extremely hard out of spite for me not being there as tribe leader. They literally just dismantled and dumped thousands of structures on my main server. I am the only active person on the server. Is it possible to roll the server back a day? You can clearly check tribe logs on the entire server and see that there was absolutely no pvp structure damage to or from any tribe. Only my own tribe dismantling its own structures. Between losing my private server and being insider on official my entire tribe is ready to quit. This would save our server from complete desertion. EU official Xbox server 2206. Tribe “Citadel of Ricks”

If servers can be rolled back because people cheated to duplicate/obtain items illegally surely it can be when they cheat to delete them illegally?

I’ve never cheated or violated the rules, even before I became an Xbox ambassador. I’ve even helped catch cheaters and done some critical bug fixing on exploithunters. Xbox gamer tag BionicTide. I wouldn’t ask for something unfair ever, but please review my account and/or the server events of 2206 on July 27/28th 2019 and you will see for yourself a rollback would be well within reason. Thank you again for all your help

I have same issue and I have an Xbox One X. It does not help. My game will load to about 99% and dashboard to homescreen. Still can not play my single player save. I had a huge base built and that is the only one I can not load into. Having an Xbox One X does not solve the problem. It started with Warmaker update and has not been fixed yet. I can play my friends game online and I can even load into other saves from different gamertags but I can not load my huge base single player save crashes everytime.

Thanks for the heads up before I bought a one x! Do you have an SSD external hard drive? If I can’t get this working again I think my whole tribe is quitting. We just got insided by an account hacker from enemy tribe on official so private server stuff we built is all we got left

I don’t have a 1 X and I don’t have the same problems many of these people do.

Apologies but we’re unable to issue rollbacks, please understand that our team is looking into the reported crashing and performance issues on console, while also gathering data from crash reports and the forums as well.

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Thanks, I understand about rollbacks. My account and my neighbor in real life got hacked by enemy tribe and they destroyed/gave themselves everything they could find including thousands of bombs, used the level up exploit to all hit 60 in 30 minutes and now are proceeding to use our supplies against us. Little frustrating way to lose. I actually enjoy losing more than winning when it’s done legitimately because it means it was a good fight, but account hacking, insiding, exploiting, stat glitching, ect is what will make everyone not want to play. I don’t ask you to fix our problem we’ll fix it, but be aware that people who love your game don’t file as many complaints as trolls who don’t bother playing if they can’t cheat and won’t stay anyway. I’d hate to see the game become 100% offensive and catered to trolls like Ark, but it feels like it’s headed there with thralls being mobile to play offense for you and cheaters not being punished. Just a heads up from people who want to enjoy the game long term. Also it’s been years since warpaints came out and I still can’t get mine to come off, help? :stuck_out_tongue:

We understand your frustration, if you could share further details regarding any possible hack or exploit through DM it would be helpful in our efforts to deal with them.

As for the warpaint issue, could you please open another post for that specific problem and share any details on how it first happened, or how to replicate it?

Done and done

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