Can't Load a single player offline game

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Crash
Region: US

I have crashed every time I tried to load into my single player game. It freezes and crashes every time it loads the menu to play co-op or offline. It happens no matter what, I can still play online i just cant get into my offline game. I’m playing on XBOX

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hard Reset usually works.

I got the EXACT same problem, tried seven times. Didnt work.

I guess a complete re-install is all you’ve got left.

ive read that disabling or removig the full nudity dlc could help, so im gonna try that first

Now that you mentioned it, i think i’ve heard of that one too, did it work?

nope… i tried pretty much everything except uninstalling and reisntalling…

also spoke to a microsoft rep. and to funcom’s customer support-> which was really unhelpful.

havent played the game since the 14.06 update as it still doenst work.

gonnna try reinstalling but i fear the worst…

and now we’re here…

Don’t install the nudity dlc, see if it works without it.

game works now, nudity dlc auto installed along with it but it worksfine now. it jist sucks thatbi have to re-download 50GBA on this crappy wifi… took me all day…

I had this problem. The crash croupted my save. Im playing single player co op only. I checked my save on another console and it still wouldn’t load. I’ve been playing awhile and got to level 51. I had to have s friend go into admin and recreate my character with almost everything I had. I haven’t used the admin function and don’t want to know how. Can my friend recreate his character in my game up to his level that he had?

Also so I’m not frustrated again with this occurrence of losing everything there should be a way to back up saves on the Xbox.

had the same problem reinstalling solved it… it takes a LOT of time tho…