Single player now crashing repeatedly

Game mode: Single player
Problem: Crash
Region: America

For the last couple of months single player mode has been incredibly unstable. Note that I have been building a lot using the admin panel to boof out materials to try different designs out.

I have even tried starting a new game to wipe everything out but it still crashes every 15-30 minutes

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log on to single player
  2. Grant self admin right and create materials of different types, including from DLC.
  3. Build for a while
  4. dashboard

So uninstalled and reinstalled it sounds like possible corrupted data but lots of building can cause severe problems and crashes I will try to give you more details but I just got if 12 hour sift and need to sleep and work one more and I try to give more help but try that

Hello @bstein68, thank you for getting in touch!

Could you let us know which console model you have, and where your game is installed to (original internal drive, external, SSD)?

Is your console stable playing other games or does it show any signs of overheating?

Please ensure that your save is stored on the XBOX cloud before trying each of the following steps and letting us know if they help:

  • Reset the console cache by holding the power button for about 10 seconds until the console powers off, then disconnecting it from the power outlet for a couple of minutes, then try loading into your SP session.

  • Try to perform a soft factory reset while keeping games and apps.

  • If the above procedures don’t help, please try to perform a full reinstall of the game.

I am using an XBOX ONE X with only onboard storage.

If you tell me the game will work better with an external SSD drive, I will order whichever one you recommend immediately.

I am trying the first option now and will let you know what happens as I try each one if needed.

Resetting the console cache did not work, I just crashed back to console.

No other games seem to have issues.

Hello @Hugo,

Soft factory reset was a bust. Got about 40 minutes before crashing again.

That was also rather time-consuming to get the XBOX properly set up again.


On to reinstalling the game. I have not done so in over a year, so I am not too upset if it works. I will provide an update if age does not claim me before it finishes installing.

One other item of note is that I originally bought the DLC one at a time, but eventually upgraded to the package deals.


Unfortunately uninstalling and reinstalling the game did not fix the issue. It crashed after 13 minutes this time.

Is there any ability to get logs from the device for you?

Any other suggestions?

Single player is, sadly, completely unplayable for me now.

Hello again @Hugo,

One other observation is that even when it does not crash it often hangs when I try to exit back to the main screen.

In either case it seems to lose 5-10 minutes of work, so I often need to redo what I most recently did.

The crashes occur whether or not I bring up the admin panel in the particular session.

I also tried disconnecting my land claims just in case.

That also did not help.

I decided to order a highly rated external SDD drive because it seems like it cannot hurt.

Unfortunately we have been suffering from increased incidence of crashes and stutter on ps4 too as of late peoples.

@Hugo, still crashing.

Anything else to try?

Strangely, I have no crashing in online mode, only single player.

I just got my new external SDD drive in the mail, so I will be testing if that fixes it.

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Well, it loads a lot faster with the SSD so it can crash faster.

Hoping someone at FunCom has something at this point as I have run out of things to test.

Apologies for the delay in our reply, as the common workarounds have not provided any relief to this situation, we’ll need a few additional details:

How old is the single-player save you’re playing on?

Does it crash if you play without having admin mode enabled?

Could you let us know if the areas where the crashes occur have a high amount of placeables, NPCs, and light sources?

Not in my case at least Shadoza. As a ps4 player I am able to play 100% offline. The only time I even turn the internet on is to download dlc or updates.

Fairly new save, but I built a massive base in the jungle. Not nuts with placeables, but a good amount given scale

Im having same kinds of issues, some of the crashes seems totally random but some of them happens at same places like walking past player made big buildings with lots of placeables or when loading into your own base with lots of placeables.

Also sometimes its possible to see NPC respawns at your location and causes instant crash. Being in wrong place at wrong time?

Playing online and running in one direction when crash happens, character keeps running for a while, once my body was far away behind cursed wall, not sure is it possible abuse to get past cursed wall death zone this way.

I did move my Conan Exiles to external SSD and everything seems to load faster, but it did not fix crashing issues.

For larger bases, reducing the amount of NPCs and light sources is advised as the singleplayer client can have trouble handling the same load as the online client, especially on console.

Dashboarding issues are also being actively investigated by our team and we address as many causes for these as possible every patch.

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