How Big Should Our Database Get Over Time?

Dear Dev’s,

I’ve been hosting a private server for well over a year now. When the game launched on the 8th May, I did a clean install and started with a newly created map on the 10th May.

Since then, our community has been growing and we now have between 15 and 30 players online at any one time. Since the launch, this server has had 740 individuals come and go and I would estimate between 60 & 80 active players on average per week.

In this short 3 month period, our database has grown to be over 215mb. Now this isn’t a huge concern right now, but if that was to continue growing at this rate it will easily be over half a gig by Christmas.

Could you tell me what your expectations are for the database sizes over time? Will it plateau out at some point or just continue to grow forever?

One notable side effect from the DB size growth is that its taking longer and longer to launch the server after a reboot. In May, I could reboot my server and it would be online within 2 or 3 min. Now at 200mb, it’s taking 6-8 min, should I be expecting it to take 15-20 min to reboot the server by Xmas?

Any advice and/or reasurences would be welcome.


It’s why the game needs proper admin tools to delete disused clans and players. Yes, purge is supposed to help but it kinda doesn’t…

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Your DB should grow or shrink along with the number of placed thralls, structures and added stuff to the game, if you have a stable player base and the inactive structures including the thralls have decayed it will also be more stable. For now as long as the thralls from decayed bases are not removed it will continue to grow from that, after that is fixed it will grow marginally from ‘garbage’ and it will grow from added content.

Hm, I dont know about that.
I forgot who answered me, but someone once told how a save of a database held a ton of stuff.
I guess userdata is getting stored there too - so over time it will grow.

I would like to see some kind of automated deletion of inactive characters. (And clans.)
Maybe 30 days of inactivity?

I understand this. Our map currently has a lot of buildings/thrall etc, but there should be a stage where the older ones decaying and new player buildings should level off. Other than the additional stored data for the previous players, buildings and player activities should balance and slow the rate of growth of the database, but it hasn’t happened as yet.

Im assuming the dev’s have forward planned for this, it would be nice to know what they are anticipating/expecting to happen to our DB’s as time goes on.

We have 3 admins who go round the map and clean up floating thralls, decayed builds and buildings we know are not going to be used again.

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My guess is that eventually they will provide a DB tool to clean it up.

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