How can I assign a list of players to a button?

How can I assign a list of players to a button?

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If you’re meaning reassigning the B key to a secondary mouse button, I’ll need to know the model of mouse.

If you want to rebind the key for Player List, which is default the B key, then you can’t through the Conan Exiles menu. To rebind it to another key, you’ll need to be familiar with your PC, and comfortable enough to back-up and edit a .ini file within Conan Exiles’ game files. If you are, there’s one simple change you need to make.

I can’t open the list of players on button B. I need to assign this button to open the list! on pc

Before you accept and participate in free advice from someone on the Internet, please be aware that changes to system settings such as .ini files can cause your game to lose stability or worse. Make sure you understand the risks involved, and have a backup available.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder SteamApps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  2. Locate the file input.ini
  3. Right-click and drag file to a blank area, when you let go of the right mouse button, select Copy here. This will create a backup of the file called “input - Copy.ini”
  4. Double-click, or right-click | Open with … input.ini so that it loads in a text editor like Notepad
  5. Hit Ctrl + F and search for TogglePlayersList. It should look like this if you want to map it to B:


* Thanks to @Leeux for pointing out the solution and location back in May '18.

This method has been tried and it does not work. When trying to find a TogglePlayersList, the search failed. Inserted a line, does not work.

If the search failed, then the file has been purposefully altered, perhaps by a script? Are you running any mods?

The simplest fix for maladjusted .ini files is to verify your files via Steam. This will undo all of your potential customizations, but it should return the input.ini file to its regular form which by default includes the B key binding.

If you are unwilling to verify and re-acquire your files, to follow is the buttressing layout/syntax of the .ini file with the B key bound:


Copy these three items exactly as above. In notepad, expand your screen and turn on Word Wrap. Find these three entries in the input.ini and delete them. Paste what I’ve typed into the deleted space.

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