How can I erase my save file?

Hi there! I want to know how can I erase my progress ingame. I play Metal: Hellsinger in PC via Xbox.

I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, erase the game files and “repair” the game and search for the save file in the cloud, but i find nothing xd

Thanks you, guys and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I keep trying and nothing works. Can someone tell me if is this possible? :c

Hey man, so I might have a solution for you: I was looking for the achievement for completing each torment, playing from Gamepass on PC.
This achievement which is still buggy for me, even when redoing each torment.

Trying the cross-platform, I loaded the game first in the Cloud from my Xbox Series S, then downloading the game to the console. The synchronization doesn’t work: 0% the game leaves without anything.
When I came back to my PC, the savegame disappeared.

  1. The achievement is not possible
  2. You can overwrite your savegame because the cross-platform doesn’t work either

Try launching the game via Cloud Gaming, that should do it for you,

That’s it!

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Thanks you so much, but i don’t have an xbox, but I surely will ask to some of my friends.

Have a nice day! :smiley:

Maybe from the Gamepass app on Windows you may launch the game into the Cloud Gaming ! It will erase your save I guess ^^

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