The saves were lost after cross-platform sync (pc, xbox)

Game version: 1.0.63125
Type of issue: Bug
Mods: No

Bug Description:

Store on windows: microsoft (game pass).
I started the game on xbox after playing on pc and lost all my progress on pc.
I think this is a cross-platform synchronization error.
After this, for test, I make progress on xbox, and then made sync (just start game) on pc and lost progress on xbox.

Steps to Reproduce:

prepare: PC and XBOX using one microsoft account. Game of xbox game pass ulitimate version.

Make progress on PC. (complete the tutorial)
Start the game on XBOX.
Start the game on PC
Check game progress on PC (Tutorial is not completed)

And inverted version:

Make progress on XBOX. (complete the tutorial)
Start the game on PC.
Start the game on XBOX
Check game progress on XBOX (Tutorial is not completed)


I’m reporting that I’ve lost game progress and wanted to know if this has also happened to others on pc. It suck’s that I’m at the start of the game and hopefully there will be a bug fix quickly. Thank you and I love this game so much. Keep up the good work.


Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your report. Our team became recently aware of this issue and working on a solution as we speak. Please keep an eye out for it in a following update.

We appreciate your patience while we review your case.


I played on Windows and I was able to beat the game and all of the Torments. I was still missing a few achievements including killing 50 behemoths which seems to be bugged on me. (It didn’t unlock after beating the game and playing giant slayer torment 5 times)
I thought I would try streaming the “xbox” version of the game to see if I could unlock this achievement there, but when it loaded it told me to start a new game so I closed the browser. I then launched the windows version of the game and also lost my save! :person_facepalming:

The game was fun, but not sure if I want to replay it all to unlock my final few achievements.


I just want to report that i have the same problem. I played for about 7 hours on xbox. Wanted to try it on PC, but when I booted it up, it only showed start a new game, which i did. Went back to my xbox, and suddanly it also showed start a new game, and I lost all of my previous progress :sleepy: Would love to get my progress back, but that might be unrealistic?


I’m reporting the same as others in this thread. It really sucks that I’m losing all my progress on this game and getting forced to keep repeating the same few levels over and over again. I can’t recommend this game to any of my friends until this issue is resolved.

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