Game pass Xbox saves get wierd

Got the game pass and played the game on my xbox, come to download the game with the pc beta game pass, my saves are visible but i can but cant really use/ access them, i click on them, makes the noise, nothing. so i just click continue and then load into a save that but selma is gone and is relaced with farrow and all the equipped loot i had is shuffled around between them and all loot i had is gone. the game knows where i am in the story but the map doesnt all locations are gone. just a simple question really
What do!?!?!?! sit and wait for update?

Exact same issue. My same shows up but I am unable to load it properly. It knows a save is present even goes through the “sync” popup but nothing after. You are not alone.

Hey guys!

Currently, saves from Windows Store don’t work on Xbox (they don’t show up), and saves from the Xbox to the Windows Store are a little messed up. It’s because there’s a difference in the PC and Xbox versions (Xbox is older).

This will be fixed in a future patch, but unfortunately I can’t give you a firm ETA and we apologize for the frustrations this issue has caused.

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