How can I find my dead body?

I died in the PvE server. a server where our corpse does not normally perish. but the next day when I went in and searched for my body, I couldn’t find it. There is no mark on the map. Not where I died. please help me. I tried to reconnect. I tried digging the ground. I tried to look at the sky (sometimes the body goes up) but I can’t find it.

u need to be quicker. your body is visible for around 15 mins , then it decays into a bag with all items u had in inventory which has 15 mins to decay…

it wont stay for long! so in pve if u cannot immediatelly access it , ask help and hope that someone will come to aid u

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Like @Ragnaguard said, it’s on a decay timer. If they weren’t the servers would be littered with dead player bodies everywhere and eventually just die because it couldn’t handle the load.

But, since you mentioned you’re on “a server where our corpse does not normally perish”, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and suggest using sorcery to summon it to you.

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