How close you can place thralls to each other

After the recent patch, we cannot place thralls in proximity to other thralls. The distance required for separation is way too far. You cannot even put archers on castle walls without skipping crenellations. What gives here?


I can still place my thralls the same distance apart as usual. If there is any difference at all, it must be awfully miniscule.

a way to get around this is to place your first thrall, set it to follow and drag it away. then place the second one where you want it… after some time they will return to their initial positions no matter how close they are… its annoying to do but works


The difference is substantial. You use to be able to place them side by side. Now they must be spread out quite a bit. I play on a PVE server. So it is mostly role play for me, but I would like to be able to at least place an archer at each crenellation on my castle wall when I want too…


Thanks very much NOGG!

You must have been playing with mods or something. I have always played official and never been able to place thralls that close together.

Which platform? Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox etc.

PC. No mods.

How close? Close, but not overlap, touching or even overlap? Fighters, archers, dancers or any mix of these?

Everything is restricted to two squares separation. Fighters, Archers, Pets, Etc.

Interesting. I will take a look too and see if this is the case here as well. I do PS4.

That system has been in place for a couple of updates. I recall playing in February this year with the same pop up: “Too Close To Another Thrall”.
I don’t think this is new at all.

Thanks to all that have replied. To those that think I am wrong about the recent change… all the thralls/pets that I placed before the recent update are still standing close to each other. Some shoulder to shoulder, waiting to be placed where I want them. Regardless when/if changes to thrall spacing were made. The parameters for spacing, as they stand now, are silly because you cannot even place archers within the crenellation spacing parameters set by the game pieces. You have to skip at least one full crenellation. Again this is mainly role play for me, as I am on a PVE server. My base is not going to get overrun and I am not going to spam thralls. That said, I would like to be able to place thralls side by side, when it makes realistic sense, albeit
, within a fantasy setting.

I think I know exactly what you’re on about. :+1:t2:

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