How do I contact Funcom to know why they wiped all of my bases?

So after 1000 hours of playing this game, I woke up this morning and Funcom wiped all of my bases. I don’t PVP players that don’t attack me. I help new players. I don’t block resources. I can’t think of anything I personally have done.

My assumption is that another guild on our server has been coveting a piece of land some guild mates owned and built their base. They have been getting increasingly angry over chat demanding we move them somewhere else. I’m guessing they filed a complaint to wipe us out. That’s all I can figure. If that’s the case, it’s b.s. I just want to know what happened and why.

Edit: I found where to submit a ticket and did so.



Send ticket here
Sorry m8, someone reported you and apparently you violated ToS.
Before you leave make your self a favor and read the new rules. I will try to link a post that explains how not to build.

Edit, read this post too, it will help I guess

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funcom dont like when u build over 700

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My fellow exile @isaacyo, please do not claim things as you understand them, it doesn’t help either you or others. Please take the effort and read the above link of @Umborls. It says nothing of building limits, nothing. Please take the effort and see no offense here, thank you.


From your own telling; “another guild on our server has been coveting a piece of land some guild mates owned and built their base” you were wiped/banned for land claim abuse.

You cannot have multiple bases. If you had some clan members go off across the map and make their own base; Funcom considered it land claim abuse.

You can have as large as a base as you need, provided it is functional, not just decorative, and doesn’t lag everyone down due to an obscene amount of placeable.

You cannot have multiple bases across the map. You can’t make infrastructure. You can’t have outposts no matter how small they are. I am not even sure the stance on temporary structures, like a wheel of pain if your base was on the opposite side of the map.

That said. You can use Zendesk to ask if you can get any clarification on your ban. That’s essentially what I did, but now there there is an entire post on guidelines for land abuse I don’t know how much of a response you will get, as like I said… having more than one base is likely how you got hit.