How Do I Default Ctrl+F back to Browser Search?

So I use Ctrl+F a lot to find what I’m looking for in the text currently visible on a web page. However, on long posts, the software for these forums intercepts that hotkey (in Chrome at least) and instead opens the Search box for the forums instead which is decidedly not what I want.

I can easily click on the forum’s search box at any time with a single click, but with the Ctrl+F hotkey being intercepted, it’s necessary to exit fullscreen, click the “hamburger” icon, and then click the browser’s search function from there. Thus, this time-saving convenience only wastes time and makes a fundamental web-browsing task inconvenient.

There doesn’t seem to be any option controlling this behavior from within the forum’s settings menus, so I’m hoping someone more familiar with the site’s software can lend an assist. @Ignasi @Jens_Erik any ideas?

You do CTRL + F twice and it will switch to the default search :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks for the quick response! <3

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