How do I get sacrificial stone and how do I use it?

So I imagine dragging a thrall there but what else would I have to do to sacrifice them?

You just drag a thrall to it and interact, same as you do for the wheel of pain. Once there’s a thrall strapped down on the slab, interact with it and a crafting menu will show where you can select if you want to drain his blood or his soul. Just pick one, hit craft, then sit back and watch the show.

To get the stone in the first place, you have to research sorcery. Basically, once you unlock sorcery, you can craft a sorcery worktable with a book. (I think the book is actually in your inventory from when you unlocked sorcery. Just move it to the table.) You have to use the recipe to upgrade the book, and each time you do a new recipe to upgrade the book appears. At some point, it will unlock the recipe for the sacrificial stone. Then you just build it like you do everything else.

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