How do I unlock the sacrificial stone?

This is probably going to sound stupid, but I don’t care.

I am having issues trying to figure out how to unlock the Sacrificial Stone. I read one a forum thread that someone said you need to upgrade the book, but their answer was too vague to piece together. I went and got the book and the bench. However, there is nothing really online or in-game to help you understand what to do afterwards.

Am I supposed to go to a different place to get the recipe afterwards? Do NPC’s drop them?

I’m probably dumb, but I thought I would ask for help.

As you said, upgrade the book.

One sorcerous spell page, commonly dropped or found near sorcerer thralls in camps, one putrid meat, and one stone.

This is how you upgrade your spellbook to learn more spells. It’ll unlock new spells and rituals, and in turn the next recipe will get a bit more expensive material-wise.

Once you unlock the first upgrade you will get Wisps, and the sacrificial altars.

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Thank you so much!!!

I actually just discovered a video that explained things right after I posted this >.<

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