How do I reinstall without losing game

Hi all.

I just wanted to check before a reinstall.

I’m currently playing on Xbox, a co-op game with my son and don’t want to lose the progress we have done.

The problem is we don’t have the 2.7 event and it still rains inside but also I can’t pick up building parts even ones I just made. So I’m thinking the updates have not applied correctly and would a reinstall fix the problem ?
But if I reinstall would I lose the current progress.

Thanks for any help and advice


There are currently known issues (for offline players) with both the pickup system, and the Grave matters event.

However, all your game data should be stored in the cloud. When reinstalling the game there will be an option to delete all data, or delete data from everywhere. Do not delete from everywhere! Once reinstalled your cloud data will resync.

Good luck!

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Thanks @LordKAA , I might give it a go as there should be a cloud sunc

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The xbox cloud will preserve your save as long as you don’t delete your save file when you uninstall the game.

LordKAA is right here.

Xbox is limited, you cannot preserve a game.db or dlc_siptah.db. No chance.

Thats not quite correct. You can delete your complete game and saves from Xbox. Saves will be restored from the cloud after you reinstall the game & start it the next time. I did this several times when changing my xbox. But you MUST NOT chose the option to delete it everywhere. Then its gone from cloud forever.

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