How do i remove myself from this pointless community?

I ask questions and iget flagged or shutdown. Pointless to use since everything here is an excuse to why someone can’t do their job correctly. After removing myself from here. I will be removing this broke *** game. @Hugo @Tascha @Barnes. Tired of telling you your game is broke from now on figure it out yourselves. Please leave detailed info on how to leave unfollow delete and block.

Hey bud did you not see that I agreed with you? Some of us, who’ve got the PvP experience know what this kind of error does, and the effect it has. Heck, I went toe to toe with a Berserker and Dalinsia and my T3 Bearer still showed half health by the time we were done.

If I’d quit every time one of my threads got locked or deleted (at Steam), I’d be back at GTA having a terrible time. Stick around, see what’s next! But if you do go, I hope to see you around. :slight_smile:

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unfortunately everything works as it shouldn’t. who should support you does not. calculates that a loser on my server reported me for exploit use by uploading an accusatory video against me. besides there is no exploit, not even my name is visible … despite all the funcom (ignasi or Hugo) has decided to ban me showing zero professionalism. I privately ask to have the video that he incriminates me and they don’t even deign to answer

If you want to have your forum account deleted, please DM me and I can facilitate your request.

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