How do I report

Where do I go to report if someone has the noob spawn in area completely blocked off? 3565 is the server.

Check this post here:

By the looks of it, @Community will need indisputable proof of what’s going on to act, but at least mentioning them should get their attention to further clarify matters to you.

I did try messaging there but it didn’t let me.

It’s probably because you’re new, and there are some limits on brand new accounts to protect against bots, etc. @Ignasi can you please assist Mesh with image uploads so they can make a proper report to you guys?

could you please try again ?

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I don´t work for Funcom.
I am only a Volunteer Moderator, so I have no Idea.

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No worries, my clan came into the server and forced the clan Silent Legion, (the clan that built the wall) to quit.) they have since been banned from the server.


I recently joined silent legion, and had no idea of the wall most of the NEW players in the tribe are innocent and shouldn’t have been banned. I get that WERE in the tribe but it isn’t OUR fault when the clan leader and older members of the clan blocked that off. Can you please unbanned me because it’s not fair that I don’t get to play over someone’s mistake and I literally bought the new dlc last night over that.

(My username is Ev0Quixs)

I too just joined silent legion and have individually purchased all dlc’s. We dont deserve to be banned for the actions of others. Please unban us. We will gladly leave the server.

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Yep same Here we joind the server 3565 about 4 days ago and were asked to join a clan and from what they built before us joining were all banned … Funcom please fix this error . Psn therealldead.

They will never lift bans. Make sure what kind of people you are joining before joining them.

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Well then can you also explain why on another server you guys have a rude name against another player? Also threating to do the same things you were going to do on 3565 to the new 3581??

Please come to the server 3581 and see the clan name they have used on that server and tell me these guys who joined this other server are not trolls. I have photos of the clan name.

Please let me know how to upload the photos I have more evidence of bullying from the three guys below. Evo, Pasify and therealdead. Why they even responded to my question I don’t know.

Meshell777 go talk to Alex he’s the one who made the clan name as what it is now, it’s funny how you had to report us for something that we didn’t do. And honestly it’s sad it’s a pvp server not a pve but it’s okay.

And I’m bullying?lol okay I’ll just up my DIRECT MESSAGES there’s no problem at all. Like I said it’s funny you had to report us because we’re at your server fighting you guys and obviously saw our skills you had to report us for something that’s not fair and we didn’t even do lol.

And why are you acting innocent when you guys are toxic and using exploits to build right next to our base…

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