How do I stop Conan exiles from crashing whenever I interact with the campfire, armourer's bench and the wooden box

Game mode:: Online private
Type of issue:: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

[Describe the bug here] I did have another problem in the past that caused Conan to crash in singleplayer whenever I interacted with crafting tables but I fixed that by getting rid of an outdated mod. Now I am facing a bigger problem. Either today or yesterday I finally crafted a fire bowel cauldron and made steel in order to make steel tools, when I got to crafting a steel hatchet it did recognise it but it will craft it as the crafting bar will not start, after this I tested out the orb mold- it did not work, then I decided to craft the Poitain sword, it did not work but here is the kicker: I can still craft twine and melt down ironstone to make iron and then make steel.

P.S Make greatswords great again.

Get rid of all mods, then start adding them back in one at a time and test each time. I had to do that with the last big update and there were 4-5 mods that were incompatible with the update. Most were resolved eventually, but not all.

Some mods out there just don’t get active support anymore and will no longer be compatible. If the mods you use have no updates listed in the Steam Workshop comments or change notes, for the December 2019 and after range, then I would consider them highly suspect for the troublemaker.

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Alright thanks. The odd thing is they have been working since two days ago. I will need to ask the admin to check through the mods.

Yes please!!!

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