How do you create a buy order on GMI that does not show up on search?

I’m wanting to buy a symbiant, but the level I want is not available for sale (Awakened or Enduring Control Eye and Head). I tried to select one that is listed and modify the QL, but I can’t get it to change.

Does the fact that it’s not listed mean they don’t exist at that QL or that I lack the Buy Order skills to make that happen?

Yes the reason is that it does not exist. Not all ql for all symbiants exist, there are also symbiants that DO exist in the database, but are not obtainable ingame. is a nice site to use that will tell you what symbs are available for what type.


Love AO Pocket. Wish I’d known about it much earlier then when I found it while working on my soldier. (first paid toon circa 2006 ).

The RNG GOD can have a real hate on for some items. E.g., the Control Occular symb patterns that drop off the 4 rafter dyna bosses in the Temple Bog in Scheol.

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Thank you all for the responses! I can stop looking now, and just concentrate on getting to the next Title level, so that I can increase treatment enough to equip a better eye and head (had to use RK implants to equip the other slots).