Wolf eye, reptile eye, eyes of the Wight, etc

Hello all! I’ve gotten ahold of different eye types on the server I play on. However, when I visit the Orb there’s no new eye options. Are these disabled on PS4?


tag me. when you get a reply please xD

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Is this like the eye of Set? Consuming one teachs set religion put o another deities altar it’s burned offering. If it is something else would appreciate information. TY. @StygianAngel @MENISTHETURK .

There are items that say they will give you new eye options in character creation. To my knowledge they aren’t implemented, but can be obtained via admin panel. Unfortunate, as I’d love glowing sorcery eye tbh.


Thanks will be in admin tomorrow. My wife might love this. Check out offline first incase of major fubar.

Blast, sucks that they’re not implemented. I really hope they do they sound awesome. Thanks for the replies guys <3

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Thanks for the tag :slight_smile:

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Those particular cosmetics have been sitting in the admin panel since Isle of Siptah’s release. They were in one of the testlive builds, but were never implemented. There was a previous thread around a year ago in regards to it.


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