New eyes for character creation?

I discovered in the admin panel you can learn a feat to change your characters eyes through the Orb of Nergal. The items that teaches you this are called the Eyes of the Demon, Wolf-Eye, Venomous Eyes, Eyes of the Wight and Reptile-Eye. The description states 'The harvested eyes, when used, confers a new character creation option". But when you try to use it in the Orb of Nergal there is no such option. Is this a feature that’s yet to be implemented or is this a bug?


Any insight on this? @Ignasi I am curious now

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I’d be interested as well.

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hope fully we get so new dlc character creations new faces, eyes, bodies, hairstyles, emotes


:eyes: henlo


hope fully we get so new dlc character creations new faces, eyes, bodies, hairstyles, emotes… bruh we need this ill pay for it

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These worked on testlive a patch or three ago, i’m still waiting for them to hit live :frowning:

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You can’t see the eyes of the demon, until he come callin’.

This is dread, man. Truly dread.

The single reason I cannot get my wife to play this game is because she wants to play a lithe male character with elf ears. Currently the customization options frustrate her enough that when something small goes wrong, she just prefers to log off (for several months) rather than become invested in the character. Please. Elf ears, body slider, eyes. Then I can get my wife to play this game again.

Unless she’s playing on PC and can use mods, I got some bad news for you…


Couldn’t find Venomous Eyes in the admin panel :cry:

I have a cuckoo-bananas massive suggestion in regard to more “body types” that thematically fit Conan Exiles. I wrote it up a year or two ago before Isles of Siptah. Unfortunately, I forgot to join this forum and build up any credit during all that time, so it’s probably going to be a while before I can post it.

I would tie alternate body-types together with alternative Stat arrangements and alternate Clan styles because the amount of work involved in creating new body-types, scale sliders, and matching all existing outfits and equipment to function with each new body-type is complex enough that they should make the most of it: Treat Body-Types as highly customizible character classes.

You can probably find my unfinished manifesto on the Conan Exiles Steam Forums if you are interested. Once I’ve hashed out more of the idea, I’ll think about posting it here… but I get the sense Body-Types is a banned discussion? Maybe it just hasn’t been presented correctly.

edit Anyway… I am excited for the idea of these eyes… it it only eyes, or does it affect skin texture too? edit

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