New character creation options not working?

So I just found the following consumable items in the Admin Panel:
Eyes of the Demon, Eyes of the Wight, Reptile-Eye, Wolf-Eye and Hyperborean Blood.

Consuming those, following the item discription, give you new feats, which should unlock new character creation options at the Orb of Nergal (red eyes, white eyes, green eyes, yellow eyes and a light skin color).
They show up in my feats, however I cannot see any of the new options at the Orb of Nergal.
I showed them to my friend and he has the same problem.

Are the new options just not fully implemented yet, or is it a bug? We are playing on PS4.

If anyone knows something or got the same problem, answers would be appreciated!


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They were removed after some testing afaik. They were for a short time on TestLive. I suppose Funcom will re-add them once the issues are resolved.

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