How do you get a headless thrall?

found this thrall at a base. Where does this drop?

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Are you playing on a modded private server?

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Official server

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This one does not recall exactly what glitch does it, but the Judge, on Siptah, the Headless one.
That Headlessness is actually a type of helmet.
Don’t recall how to spawn it or how to get it…
But there are other items, specific to Siptah, that have broken or only partially implemented natures and displays (glares at Primeval Bracers).


This. It’s currently occasionally dropping as an item that looks like a pouch from The Judge.


This is probably related to the enemies drop what they are equipped with standard.

This one hopes against hope that, instead of just deleting it, they take a moment and go back actually finish these items.
The Primeval Bracers have been an annoyance for years for this one.

A Headless Illusion would be magnificat.
Purrfect for Halloween, but also excellent with the play dead or mummy sleep emotes.

Please Funcom, save this, turn this little hiccup into the awesome progress it could be.

This one has money.
Seriously, what do y’all want to fix at least these two items?
This one will pay directly to have them fixed in the game (not added to the Bazaar, because they are already in game assets and at least the bracers should already be available).
How much?
Please. Someone official contact this one.
What do you take, PayPal, Venmo, this one will buy crypto for clucks sake.
Serious offer…


Yep. Currently the only way to get Primeval bracers - kind of.

It’s interesting to know that the Judge’s headlessness is actually a headgear item. That means his model actually has a head, so if we could spawn him as a thrall, we’d get to see his face!

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Probably white haired conan head. Anything human skeleton is the npc blueprint and his headlessness is just an armor. He then has all the data tables like a human npc has for attack characteristics. Things like the giants are all one skeletal mesh instead of armor pieces so if you want to change them, you change the entire skeletal mesh. This gives me an idea for a headless npc faction…

His head is randomized.

All six are The Judge:

Must share a template then. Probably stygian variation.

It should be noted that the kurak hood dropped from kurak (not the crafted version) is actually a chest piece and makes females headless under the hood and males have kurak’s face. That being said, all thralls or players wearing it instantly become topless. It’s not really practical from a cosmetic standpoint because there’s no transition from the neckline down and females are just missing a texture, unlike the above “headless” look.

Farm The Judge. He will drop this helmet occasionally.

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